Regarder vers le ciel
"Look at the sky", This is the title of the musical created by the ESM Paray
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Triduum Pascal retreat - CANCELLED
For ages 18-25
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Dear friends, the ESM Paray is closing.

We give thanks to the Lord for all this years, all the generations and teams who were here and all the fruits this school brought!

To discover other proposals for the youths, you can check the Emmanuel Youth website. 

What is lived at the ESM ?

Fraternity life

Discover the richness of the fraternity by living with brothers and sister in Christ

Prayer life

Be with Christ


Intellectual / human / spiritual /missionary formation


Multiple ways of evangelization for one faith to proclaim

A unique experience, a year to GOD for your entire life !

What they say :

Markus, age 19, German

I chose ESM because I had a strong desire to deepen my relationship with Christ. I also wanted to better understand the Church and learn how to witness to my faith.

Claire, age 23, French

As I came to the end of my studies, I knew this year was the perfect time to truly root my life in Christ, to learn to know Him and to live our daily Christian mission with other young people my age.

Aimie, age 25, American

The Sacred Heart already had an important place in my life, this is why I chose to hove one year to God through the mission of ESM in Paray-le-Monial. I have the desire to deepen my relationship with Jesus, to receive a solid formation, and to learn how to transmit my faith into my work with young people.

Actualité de l'ESM Paray

Actu ESM-Paray EN

Mission at Villeneuve d’Asc, Lille, France

Our last big mission was with the “aumônerie”, a pastoral mission on the campus of Villeneuve d’Asc.   Villeneuve d’Asc is a huge campus with more than 40,000 students. This mission was carried out by 30 missionaries who accompanied and supported the student missionaries already present at Villeneuve d’Asc.  

Actu ESM-Paray EN

The Musical

Our musical has come together and we named it, “Regarder vers le ciel”, or look towards Heaven.   The first showing was here at Paray-le-Monial for the Winter Forum. Click the link to see the full play:   The musical was also put on two times during the mission