The place

Where we live: The Holy Angels

ESM is made up of three main buildings. The Saint Michael building houses the girls, as well as the offices for the team. Right next to Saint Michael a small building which serves as our classroom The Saint Raphael building houses the boys, as well as our refectory and kitchen. Just off the Saint Raphael is our chapel. The Saint Gabriel building houses a gym, as well as extra rooms for guests.

This is a enjoyable place to live: we have a big garden, with the space to take a walk, to pray, to play sports, and also to prepare for the time on mission throughout the year.

The promo participates in the upkeep of the buildings and garden during their services times during the week. These services are personal or by household: gardening, cleaning etc… This is an integral part of the 9 month program here at ESM, to learn how to give even in the little things.

In the city of Paray-le-Monial

Paray-le-Monial is a little city of 9300 inhabitants.

This place is spiritually unique: in the 1670’s, Christ appeared multiple times to Saint Marguerite-Marie Alacoque, a Visitation sister, while she was in adoration before the Holy Eucharist. Our Lord chose this simple sister to reveal His Heart. He delivered to her powerful messages which have resonated in the life and mission of the Church  right up to our present day. The most famous message is: “Behold this Heart that has so loved mankind, this Heart which will spare nothing until it has been consumed in its effort to show its love for all men.”

Here the promo is able to discover the message of Paray and in turn deepen this message through living and witnessing to it.

Paray-le-Monial is a special place where we can experience the “perpetual outpouring” of the Holy Spirit, sources of all graces throughout the whole year and throughout our whole lives.

In brief : ESM Paray-le-Monial is

An unique experience which offers for young people a year to transform themselves and to become an apostle of Christ by a life of prayer, fraternity, formation and mission.

To root your life in Christ: to live a year in the city of the Heart of Jesus, to let yourself be enflamed by his Loveland to learn how to give all.

To discover the richness of fraternity: to discover brothers and sisters, and to learn to love them and to let them love you. To live a year with the local Community of Emmanuel (Households, local missions, etc…)

To be (trans)formed, to learn your faith: Theological formation, human formation…This formation is given in French by the members or friends of the Community of Emmanuel (Consecrated, or laypeople). Retreats for men and women. Pilgrimages to Lourdes, Rome and Assisi. Opportunities to meet contemporaries of Pierre Gourmet, the Founder of the Community of Emmanuel.

 To live and to taste the JOY of the mission: regular local mission times, big missions 2-3 times per year (in parish, university campus) in France and in Belgium.

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